Good lawn management calls for a regular lawn feeding programme.I will assess your lawn's current condition, and design a bespoke nutrition plan to suit your lawn's requirements.

Weed Control

Weeds not only spoil the look of your lawn, they also compete with the grass for nutrients and, if not dealt with, they can quickly spread and takeover. Using both extraction and chemical methods, I will help increase the vigour of your grass and reduce the chance of re-invasion.

Moss Control

Wet winters can leave your lawn saturated, resulting in an ideal environment for moss to grow and spread. Using a combination of chemicals and preventative drainage, I will introduce a moss eradication programme to remove this problem.


Correct mowing is an important aspect of good lawn care. The aim is to keep the grass long enough to prevent the roots from being starved, but short enough to be attractive to the observer. I can offer a lawn mowing operation designed to maintain the ideal height.

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